Welcome to Biome, a new publication that unfolds the art of photography and nature into a combined collage of science, facts and new discoveries; for the lovers of nature, the curious and of course, the adventurers. This quarterly journal is home to a complex biotic community, characterised by a variety of plant and animal species. Each edition will focus on a different biome situated somewhere on our Earth. These biomes, dominated and defined by unique flora and fauna, influenced by climatic variations, help to form a vast array of biomes including, tundra, tropical rainforest, desserts and even aquatic biomes, such as freshwater and marine.

The spark of inspiration behind the ignition for the creation of biome, was formed from the overwhelming desire I have to share and explore the world through my camera. From under the sea in the eastern pacific to the peaks of the Madagascan jungle, each journal will form a collection of my expeditions and adventures straight from a naturalist’s heart. 

This volume – Just a Forest, focuses on one of my most challenging adventures yet. Our team of six, travelled to Loholoka forest situated of the south-east coast of Madagascar, in August 2017. It’s here that lies a patch of rare littoral forest, which has extremely high levels of biodiversity and this was our home for 5 weeks. This journal delves deep into the conservation issues of Madagascar and its inhabitance, alongside a detailed report on our research, findings and the experiences we had, camping in such an incredible place.